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Like those of the Lord, the ways of painting are impenetrable ... Christopher Lecoutre was born in 1983 in Tourcoing, city whose colors evoke the chiaroscuro , the shades , the weather and other monochrome techniques, much more than a painter's palette contemporary. Her family introduced to the goldsmith and Christopher discovers dice infancy, all stages of this meticulous creation : research , sketches , development and manufacture of color a gem ...

It is undoubtedly in this family alchemy Christopher discovers an immoderate love for color.

While he has just completed his first work : the development of its full paint rollers, Christopher 's parents took him to an exhibition of Chaissac Gaston Paris. He is 14 years old and it was a shock ! His vocation was born Christopher is a painter! Logically, it continues with an art school in Belgium ( Luke ) to learn the techniques ... and bursting painterly techniques. One of his professors Valerie Vercauteren , encourages the " no limit" material and he made his trademark today .

Supports customizable , wall paints and techniques , spray paints , mineral and vegetable pigments, cooking spices , earth, sand , bleach , inks .... everything is good as long as it serves its expression!

Expressionist , his painting certainly is ! But a powerful expressionism , reinterpreted where violence and rebellion were erased in favor of a free and spontaneous poetic . Simplification of shapes, bright colors, lightness of line, humor ... painting Christopher Lecoutre shows as much as it gives to dream. It deploys its entire field in the spontaneously generated imaginary relationship between the author , the work and its audience.

His first exhibition took place in 2001. Enchainent Since the series of exposures in collective or individual . He lives and works on Roncq (59).

Text : Christophe Danjou


Basquiat, Haring, Picasso, Matisse, Chaissac

Christopher Lecoutre

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